Nagarekawa : Hiroshima’s most energetic downtown has unique townscape

Have you ever been to Hiroshima?

You may think “sometime I want to visit Hiroshima, but want to go first Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka”.

In recent years, Hiroshima become a popular destination for foreign tourists. In fact, 2.4 million tourists visited this area last year.

Hiroshima Tram

In Hiroshima, there are two World Heritage Sites, Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial known as the Atomic Bomb Dome(in Japanese it’s called “原爆ドーム”).

Itsukushima Shrine

And Hiroshima has the biggest downtown in the Chugoku and Shikoku region, Nagarekawa area with hundreds of bars, restaurants and spot for nightlife.

In Nagarekawa there also have many unique signboard and townscape.

beer company’s signboard

If you search for #Nagarekawa at Instagram or Twitter, you may found several posts which tourists update between their trip.

Nagarekaya is popular with those who know about it because this area is quite
Instagrammable sights especially during night.

Taketsuru signboard

Most of sign are liquar company’s one, for example whisky, beer or shochu.

At night, those signboard become neon-lit!

shochu signboard
shochu signboard

If you visit Hiroshima and Nagarekawa, I recommend you to pay attention to those townscape.

See you next time and have a good stay at Japan!